About Us

Over the years, we have invested time and other resources in to high quality companies that have strong business models, attractive growth prospects, leading market positions, and the ability to generate superior returns.

NewMax is committed to building a corporate culture that is diverse and deeply rooted in unearthing, nurturing and encouraging individual uniqueness, and fostering empowerment. As a result, our management team is comprised of people of different races and ethnicities, religions and genders. Our team has a world view that enables it strive for excellence in everything we do. Hence, we have been awarded the BID award (i.e. the star for quality Gold category Geneva 2013).

Our management team is supervised by a world-class culturally diverse advisory board which boasts of some of the world’s major players in commerce and world politics.

About NewMax

NewMax group is a holdings company headquartered in Accra, Ghana with operations across Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia. It is registered with the Registrar Generals Department (RGD) of Ghana in compliance with the Companies Act. NewMax has business interest in investment, construction, mining and exploration, shipping and logistics, and forex and commodity trading.  The words NEW and MAXIMIZE were fused together in order to create the name, NewMax, which means “new ways to maximize”.

NewMax has grown into a multi-faceted organization with investments in a wide array of companies with key holdings in companies that are able to keep pace with the prosperity and growth of Africa, especially in Ghana’s development.

Our Businesses