M.A. Samuel Matilla

M.A. Samuel Matilla is a maverick, who in 2008 (at the height of the global financial crisis), left a successful career in the electrical engineering field to begin a career trading the global currency & equity markets.

Samuel was mentored by a very successful private equity trader. Through this relationship, Samuel recognized the importance and gained a keen understanding of sound risk management. Additionally, he was taught how to integrate both fundamental and technical analysis to analyze current market trends and to determine where the markets are headed.

Samuel’s analytical style of thinking and sense of timing proved to be well-suited for trading the markets. He increased his initial client portfolio in his first three months of trading and quickly gained the respect and trust of his superiors, family, and friends. By 2011, Samuel had enough capital and experience to co-found IIG Ltd., a private proprietary trading firm based in West Africa.

With partners from the UK and the US, Samuel established The International Traders Institute (ITI), the premier trading education hub in West Africa.

Samuel was the spearheaded training at ITI and has personally trained and mentored some of West Africa’s best and brightest talent. Some of ITI’s alumni have gone on to work for hedge funds and many are self-directed proprietary traders. He currently heads the Forex Trade and investment company under NewMax group; Trade Equity, and has under his supervision a host of forex traders and financial analyst.