Newmax Mines

newmax-minesNewMax Mines is a registered mining support services provider in Ghana under NewMax Group. It specializes in gold exploration, prospecting, mining, sourcing, and selling. NewMax Mines was set up after engaging the expert advice and consultation of the very best consultants in mining, civil engineering, ballistics, finance, accounting, and mining business management

Although existing for about 5 years, NMM, led by a conscientious, motivated and driven team of mining professionals has endeavored to be a source of advancement through the acquisition of gold mining concessions.  NMM employs some of the most knowledgeable and experienced mining experts in the country, some with over 20 years experience.

NMM is steadily establishing itself well within the industry by developing key relationships essential for swift execution and operational needs with key emphasis on ethical mining practices. It is our hope that we can grow NMM to become one of Africa’s most respected environmentally friendly profitable mining companies.

Gold Sourcing

Ghana, one of the most respected gold rich countries in the world is slowly gaining a bad reputation for gold scams and bad gold deals. This is as a result of greed on the part of buyers and sellers and ignorance of what is possible and impossible as far as gold sourcing and selling is concerned. In 2014, NewMax established a Gold Sourcing Network (GSN) made up of dozens of small-scale miners located across Ghana who are able to supply GSN with consistent supply of gold for buyers who are willing to buy gold legally without greed. All our transactions are done using Precious Mineral Mining Commission of Ghana. Through this network, we have been able to source and sell dozens of kilograms of gold to many buyers across the Middle East and Asia over the last two years and hoping to scale up operations in the upcoming years.