Prince Etornam William Attipoe elected as a Fellow and Delegate of IAGHS


Prince Etornam William Attipoe elected as a Fellow and Delegate of IAGHS

“Prince Etornam William Attipoe elected as a Fellow and Delegate to the Republic of Ghana of The International Academy for Genealogical and Heraldic Studies”

Prince Etornam Attipoe is the son of Togbe or Torgbui (traditional ruler in Ghana) Duklui Attipoe V of Anyako (Anyako is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana). Anyako is part of the Kingdom of Anlo, which is one of the largest of the Ewe coastal tribes in Ghana. Kingdom of Anlo is ruled by the Awoemefia of Anlo (traditional ruler). Prince Etornam is a successful entrepreneur, public relations expert and international speaker.

History of the Royal Duklui Attipoe Family

Prince EtornamTorgbui Subo I begat Kojo Edu who gave birth to Torgbui Duklui Attipoe I whose other siblings were Hutrapo and Ekpe. Torgbui Duklui Attipoe I was enstooled as the right wing Asafohene (Chief) of Anyako in the great Anlo Kingdom after the battle of Agou popularly known as the battle of Agou and also the Datsutagbar war where he displayed his war and leadership skills. His other brother (Ekpe too displayed the same qualities at Anlo Afiadenyigba and was subsequently enstooled as a chief. Torgbui Duklui Attipoe I married nine women and had quite a number of children both males and females. His real date of birth is not known to the family but it is known that he was among the Awuna (Anlo) chiefs who signed the Awuna-Danish Peace Treaty in 1784 and died in 1903.

Traditionally, the inheritance systems of Anlo people was matrimonial but during the reign of Torgbui Sri 1st , he decided that such a system has to change which has brought about the Patrimonial inheritance and this has led to the rotational systems of  chiefdom shared among the male descendants of the various stool in the Anlo Kingdom. Torgbui Duklui Attipoe 1st son is Gorni who was also enstooled as a chief by the maternal uncles at Tetemale after which he went to find his own settlement called Gornikope. After the death of Torgbui Duklui Attipoe I, one of his sons by name Michael Kwaku  was enstooled as Torgbui Attipoe II. He too took after the dad and was very influential among the Anlo kingdom. He ruled for about forty-five years before his death. Mr. Tetekpli Nyartepey Attipoe ascended the throne as Torgbui Duklui Attipoe 3rd after the death of Torgbui Duklui Attipoe II. He also ruled well but was a bit different from the earlier rulers because there were no wars to be fought as such he was more of a calm ruler than his pre-dessessors. After the death of Torgbui Duklui Attipoe III the fourth ascended the throne. Togbui Duklui Attipoe 4th was a social worker. He later became the deputy chairman of Volta Reginal Public Tribunal during the early days of former president Jerry John Rawlings administration. After the death of the fouth chief, Mr Prosper Perfect Modzaka Gorni ascended the throne as the 5th ruler. He was born to Mr William Gorni Attipoe whose father was Torgbui Gorni I, the son of Torgbui Attipoe I.

H.M. Torgbui Duklui Attipoe V was enstooled after the death of Torgbui Attipoe 4th in August 1988 at Anyako.  He was the youngest to ever assume leadership of the great Royal Duklui Attipoe family. He later on went to study conflict resolution and mediation and has since been practising as an international mediator and thus mediating cases drawn from all over the world.  He had a scholarship from Cotbus University in East Berlin where he studied Political science and Philosophy. He has eight children (five males and 3 females) with H.H Prince Etornam William Attipoe as one of his eldest twin sons.

The Royal Duklui Attipoe family is made up of 9 great families which spread across the entire Ewe speaking people including Togo and Benin where the Attipoe family is one of the most respected families there. Traditionally, the Royal Duklui Attipoe family head is one of very few Traditional Rulers who has the capacity to swear other traditional rulers into office. This responsibility stretches across Ghana all the way to Togo as H.M. Torgbui Duklui Attipoe V is the one who enstooled the current King of Dzidzorli of the great Dzidzorli Kingdom in Togo.


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