Prince Etornam William Attipoe

Prince Etornam William Attipoe is the CEO of NewMax Group. Since starting the company with his partners, he has steered NewMax from its inception to a truly world-class entity that prides itself in growing, investing, and creating businesses that will outlive generations.  He holds a leadership degree from The Institute of Regenerative Truth in Israel and a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Ghana Telecom University.

Prince has written and lectured extensively about best business practices and he is a constant participant at the Ghana Economic Forum. Most of his work has been featured in Ghana’s #1 business newspaper, Business and Financial Times. He also served as a critical resource for the 2014/15 Oxford Business Report on Ghana. Applying practice to principle, Prince led negotiations for US Exim Bank funded Bighorn Capital $1,711,319,276 (USD) waste to energy project in Senegal and Ghana. Furthermore, Prince was instrumental in the implementation of Ghana Regenerative Health and Nutrition project under the government of H. E. John Kufuour that led to the significant improvement in Ghana’s infant mortality rate.

He has been recognized for his immense contributions to the development of businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. His articles in Business and Financial Times are used in many institutions as a guideline for developing their staff and business models to get ahead. Currently, there is extensive work being done by Delaware State University to put together a compilation of his business and life principles and ethics. Similar projects have been discussed with him by schools such as, Hampton University. Prince has spoken at a number of schools that include the University of Ghana Business School, Central University, and Ghana Technology.

He earned the recognition of Ghana’s Lions Club and he was mentioned amongst Kofi Annan and the late Komla Dumor, of the BBC, as one of the seven foremost nation builders in an article that appeared in Ghana’s Business and Financial Time in 2013 titled, ‘Thank You Nation Builders’.

Prince was invited by the Minister of Commerce and Special Affairs Cabildo de Tenerife, Spain in the European Union to explore business opportunities on the island. Prince’s strengths in business are his ability to network effortlessly and his keen eye for the next great venture. A true business maverick in every sense of the word. He is highly respected in the business community, admired by the youth, and deeply trusted by clients. He is the board chairman of the National Disability Awards and serves on the board of Miss Ghana and Miss Ghana Foundation, Aquatork Natural Mineral Water, Rehobothgoshen Fisheries, and Macons LTD.

  • As the CEO of NewMax Group, Prince’s main responsibilities are;
  • Creating, communicating, and implementing NewMax’s vision, mission, and overall direction.
  • Leading the development and implementation of NewMax’s overall strategy.
  • Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders   including, directors in charge of NewMax’s subsidiaries.
  • Soliciting advice and guidance when appropriate and updating the Board of Advisors.
  • Discussing and approving of budgets for the Group.