Trade Equity

tradeequityTrade equity is a subsidiary of NewMax Group ltd. It is vested with skills and the requisite technical know-how in the areas of forex trading, commodity trading and sourcing, and fund management services. Our team has over 20 years of combined major international experience and a solid track record over the last decade of training traders across many different banks and financial institutions globally.

We have assembled people who have the right temperament and are well-suited to navigate complex investments where cool heads and steady minds are essential. Trade Equity emphasizes hiring experienced people who can impart the necessary knowledge that will yield positive outcomes. Trade Equity started as a product and commodity sourcing company with a concentration on trading gold sourced from our mining company-NewM

ax Mines and other small scale miners under our commodity sourcing network and traded among our list of traders in Middle East and Asia.

It is estimated that a sum of five trillion USD is traded in forex daily. Trade equity is hence set up strategically to allow both private individuals and corporate bodies to invest in forex using Trade Equity as a platform. Placing financial instruments on the Forex international market, world Stock Markets, precious metals and Futures markets as well as providing brokerage services are among the basic activities and directions of Trade Equity.

NasdaqGS:GMLP Golar LNG Partners Intrinsic value by Simply Wall St

NasdaqGS:GMLP Golar LNG Partners Intrinsic value by Simply Wall St